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The OWHC: Making a Difference

The OWHC: Workplace Health is Important

Comprehensive workplace health model - Updated!

The OWHC is pleased to announce the recent review and updating of our model for comprehensive workplace health (CWH). This revised model aligns better with the healthy workplace model developed by the World Health Organization a few years ago. We have retained the three key elements of a healthy workplace - occupational health & safety, health & lifestyle practices and organizational culture - which were included in the original OWHC model. However we've now added a fourth element that is part of the WHO model, "enterprise community involvement", but have renamed it "organizational social responsibility". The new OWHC model is more dynamic and incorporates the evidence-based "Plan-Do-Check-Act" process to implement the CWH approach.

Download the Comprehensive Workplace Health Model

Healthy Workplace Handbook - Updated!

The Healthy Workplace Handbook is intended for use in all Ontario workplaces. It has been developed to support Ontario organizations in initiating and sustaining their own healthy workplace programs. The Handbook proposes a Comprehensive Workplace Health Implementation Model developed in consultation with over 100 individuals and organizations in 2009. The model was reviewed and enhanced in 2013 based on the World Health Organization's The Global Framework for Healthy Workplaces.

View the Healthy Workplace Handbook

The handbook is a component of the Proposal for an Ontario Comprehensive Workplace Health Strategy which was developed through an iterative process, taking into account feedback from the Ontario Workplace Health Coalition (OWHC) membership and healthy workplace stakeholders.

The Proposal supports the development of a strategy for comprehensive workplace health (CWH) at the provincial level and aims to establish a common guideline by which Ontario organizations can integrate CWH into their core business plans.

View the Proposal for an Ontario Comprehensive Workplace Health Strategy.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and contribution to the Ontario Workplace Health Coalition and our long-term goal that a comprehensive and sustainable Ontario workplace health strategy will exist in Ontario

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