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  1. Communications
    • To develop the channels and mechanisms for regular communication.
    • To ensure OWHC is seen as - relevant - modern and vibrant – technological, fast- paced, and tactical.
    • To ensure the website is updated and secure.
    • To coordinate and promote OWHC events.
    • To update members and partners regularly of OWHC progress
  2. Governance
    • To ensure the OWHC is in compliance with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) in terms of its governance.
  3. Education & Networking
    • Increase the relevance of the OWHC to stakeholders
    • Increase traffic to the OWHC webpage
    • Empower OWHC stakeholders with the tools to develop healthy workplaces.
    • Make sure OWHC is seen as a thought leader
  4. Membership
    • To ensure the infrastructure of the OWHC supports the mission statement, in the most efficient way possible.
  5. Sustainability
    • To find and recruit partners, and increase partnership opportunities
    • To increase and retain members
    • To produce steady financial support brought about by diversified funding sources, and private sector sponsorship that allows regular communication and branding.

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