OWHC Board of Directors

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If you have any questions, please contact the OWHC Secretariat:

E: contact@owhc.ca


The OWHC Board of Directors positions were determined by elections and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting in October 2017. The Board of Directors will provide leadership and direction for the Ontario Workplace Health Coalition.

To see a brief biography of each board member please click on his or her name.

The Board of Directors will:

  • Establish goals and objectives and a financial plan.
  • Meet regularly to monitor and review financial progress and to evaluate progress in terms of goals and objectives.
  • Review the financial statements regularly.
  • Ensure that activities remain consistent with the operating budget and the strategic direction.
  • Work with the appointed independent auditors to review year-end statements and evaluate internal control systems.
  • Update the membership of work completed in meetings.
  • Support and lead the activities of Standing Committees.
  • Create Task Forces to undertake specific tasks.
  • Oversee the allocation of all operating funds as required.
  • Approve the terms of reference for Standing Committees/Task Forces.
  • Establish an annual work plan in consultation with the membership and provide leadership to action items arising from the plan.



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